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Why Your Business Should Consider Using Premium Diesel Fuel

Why Your Business Should Consider Using Premium Diesel Fuel

In this blog, we’ll discuss the main benefits of using premium diesel fuel!

We have all seen the two different kinds of diesel at the fuel station: standard and premium. Chances are that we usually avoid the slightly higher-priced premium diesel, and the main difference between the two apart from the price, is the additives. These additives are added to help extend the engine’s life and increase the durability and mileage. In this blog, we’ll discuss the main benefits of using premium diesel fuel!

Clean Engines

Particles resembling detergents are added to your premium diesel to keep your engine and fuel components clean. These additives in the diesel reduce any greasy buildup on engine parts, which helps reduce the life of those parts as time passes. Clean parts mean better horsepower, improved fuel efficiency, and longer lives for engines. Also, there is a moral responsibility on every one of us to battle the environmental crisis. Each small step we take towards a cleaner atmosphere can benefit us and future generations to come.

Avoid Deposits

One of the top losses faced by fleet owners is the downtime of the vehicles, either due to maintenance or breakdowns. Each minute of the day, the trucks aren’t running errands, the owner has to make other arrangements to honor the client’s commitments. Premium fuel addresses the fuel oxidation issues using injection stabilizers, thereby preventing unnecessary deposits in the injectors. Removing the deposits is a hectic job and might result in downtime.

Preventing Moisture

Moisture content is known for rusting metallic parts, rendering them useless, and involves significant losses due to changes in parts. In order to prevent this, demulsifiers are included to help separate water from the fuel. This will, in turn, prevent unwanted moisture from being carried through your fuel system into the engine, which typically creates wear on injectors. Besides, premium diesel will help ensure fewer filter replacements.

If you need help figuring out which type of diesel fuel is the best fit for your business, give Howard Energy a call!

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