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Manufacturing/Industrial Fuel Services

Precision is one of the crucial things that matters in manufacturing. Just as you want all your products to meet your customers’ needs, our fuel management systems ensure they meet your specifications. Our team ensures that the fuel powering your industrial or manufacturing equipment is at your plant on time and that it is meeting your quality specifications.

As one of the largest fuel suppliers in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C., our company takes pride in our long-standing customer relationships. Howard Energy can provide dyed diesel to stationary power generators. We also supply heating oil, known as #2 fuel oil, to heat manufacturing warehouses, office buildings, and more. #2 fuel is stored in a large tank on-site that feeds the boiler and furnace. Learn more about our commercial fueling options.

Uses for Heating Oil

One of the main uses of #2 fuel oil and heating oil is in businesses or houses to heat up furnaces. Once the furnace has been heated up, it afterward supplies heat across the entire house or commercial space. Preference to use #2 fuel oil to warm up large spaces during the cold season is due to its high energy content. Note, it’s important to adhere to a proper heating procedure and program for greater results.

Second, #2 fuel oil is being used in the process of generating electricity. To generate electricity, heating oil is burned to heat up water which will, in turn, produce steam. Produced steam is consequently used to turn turbines which then produces electricity.

When the temperature reaches approximately 675° F, #2 fuel oil, or heating oil, is distilled during the refining process. In order to increase quality, heating oil is passed through a sequence of stages for purity. First, it is dried by passing it through salt driers and later filtered to get rid of rust and dirt. Afterward, dispersants, antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors are added. Following the above procedures makes our company one of the most preferred heating oil providers.

Regulations of Fuel Oil and Heating Oil

The government has meticulous regulations on how #2 fuel oil and heating oil is handled during hauling and storage. Trucks hauling #2 fuel oil and heating oil must be clearly labeled as carrying combustible content, so it’s best to rely on Howard Energy for management and storage of this highly combustible substance.

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Howard Energy can be a delivery, management, and storage solution for your manufacturing and industrial fueling needs. Contact us today to speak with an expert on how to handle new fuel orders or switch providers.