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Gas Station Fueling

Howard Energy provides wholesale gasoline and diesel fuel to unbranded retailers in the greater Baltimore area.

Why Order from Howard Energy?

In addition to being personable and enjoying our customer interactions, you can count on us to provide 24-hour availability and on call delivery. We also provide unbranded fuel, which allows our customers to pocket the savings and not worry about paying to market a branded product. Since we are a family-owned and local company, we know the market and structure like the back of our hand. We can give you more personalized attention than the big-box companies.

Protect your gas station from market risk. Howard Energy can offer flexible pricing plans, such as:

  • Guaranteed maximum price: also known as a not-to-exceed price, this plan covers all bases and includes actual costs plus a fixed fee conditional on a ceiling price.
  • Fixed forward: this plan sets a predetermined price point on a set expiration date in the future.
  • Collar plan: this strategy protects your organization against large losses but can limit large gains.

About Wholesale Gasoline

Though demand is a key influencer of gasoline prices, there are other factors such as taxes, local laws, and overhead costs that play into a wholesale price that Howard Energy can offer. We partner with gas distributors and work with them to provide competitive pricing and additional services, such as our gas station inventory management program. If you keep a close eye on trends in the market, you will be able to identify when the best time is to purchase wholesale gasoline in your local area.

Gas Station Inventory Management Program

Having an inventory management system allows you to make smart purchasing decisions and stock up precisely when you need to, which is also good for your budget. This system helps us keep track of the fuel on hand for our customers.

Howard Energy can provide an inventory management solution to:

  • Stay updated on current inventory levels to know when it is the best time to buy
  • Give automated tank level visibility and aid in seamless fuel orders
  • View and manage diesel and gasoline order history and inventory with user-friendly technology

Crown Licensing Program

Howard Energy partners with Clark Brands to give you an affordable, independent gas station solution. With petroleum payment processing software and the ability to manage your own gas supply, the program is unbeatable and allows dealers to make more money.

Interested in the Crown Licensing Program? Learn more about being an entrepreneurial gas station dealer. If you or someone you know is looking for gas station fueling solutions in Northern Virginia, Baltimore, Washington D.C. or Baltimore County, contact Howard Energy at 410-647-1500.