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Reasons to Follow a Fuel Tank Maintenance Schedule

Reasons to Follow a Fuel Tank Maintenance Schedule

Let’s look over a few ways to establish a fuel tank maintenance program for different kinds of fuel tanks!

Whether you fill up at a gas station, have equipment fueled right on site, or have your own tank – fuel quality is crucial. After all, fuel is important to your operations and the health of your company’s equipment. Fuel quality problems are not always easy to notice either. In fact, plenty of businesses have contaminated fuel, and they don’t even realize it. That is why it is crucial to learn about the signs of bad fuel quality and how to address them properly. Let’s look over a few ways to establish a fuel tank maintenance program for different kinds of fuel tanks!

Above-Ground Fuel Tanks

For an above-ground fuel tank on your job site, this section is just for you.

  • Inspect tank equipment each year. Maintain and clean monitoring equipment, tank caps, seals, hoses, and nozzles. This will help keep water from ever coming into your fuel tank
  • Treat your tanks once a quarter with some clear diesel. This is a nice way to prevent or treat water and other microbial contamination. It will also help stabilize the diesel, which lengthens its shelf-life. If you find any microbial growth, consider using cleaner, too.
  • Consider using diesel cleaner to boost diesel engine performance as well as fuel economy. It helps keep fuel injectors clean and diesel fuel quite stable. Depending on the fuel usage, apply this at least one time per month. The easiest way is to ask the fuel supplier to apply a cleaner each time they refill your tank for a job.

What If There is Water in the Fuel Tank?

As you know, water contamination is a legitimate issue. It decreases fuel efficiency and causes corrosion within your vehicle’s fuel system. What should you do if you locate water within your fuel tank? If it happens with your equipment, drain the fuel system and have it inspected by your fuel supplier or a mechanic.

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