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Commercial & Retail On-Site Fueling

The last thing your busy worksite needs is to run out of fuel. An on-site fueling expert can assist your operation with remaining on schedule. Howard Energy supplies fuel to distribution, construction, material handling, and demolition job sites on time to help keep your project a success. As a trusted delivery leader in the greater Baltimore area, we provide our partners with gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and heating fuels.

Types of Fuel

Your productivity is our concern. That’s why Howard Energy provides your site with the fuel you need.


Howard Energy is a wholesale unbranded gasoline supplier. What that means is we provide the same raw product as major gas producers’ branded gasoline without the propriety additives. It’s a cost-effective alternative to paying for the high cost of marketing.


Diesel may be sold as clear, red, or blue, depending on its use. Clear is designated for public on-road use. Diesel is dyed red to indicate its off-road usage status, and it’s dyed blue for vehicles used in government fleets. Howard Energy offers ultra-low sulfur on-road and off-road diesel options.

  • On-road diesel: A clean-burning fuel, ultra-low sulfur diesel is intended for on-road vehicle use. It produces fewer carbon emissions and creates less wear on the vehicle’s engine.
  • Off-road diesel: In an effort to offer tax incentives for construction and agricultural industries, the government allows an off-road diesel fuel designation, used specifically for heavy construction and farm equipment as well as backup generators.


Most often used to power space heaters, Howard Energy is a kerosene supplier.

Heating Oil

Heating oil burns cleaner and more efficiently than other types of energy, making it an economical choice for businesses. Howard Energy is a heating oil supplier.

How On-site Fueling Works

Our on-site fuel delivery is designed to assist your business in staying as productive as possible. We can set you up with our fuel monitoring services and keep you on a regular delivery schedule. Our service crew is also available 24/7 for situations that can’t wait.

It’s a straightforward process:

  • A highly-trained driver provides on-site tank wagon delivery services.
  • Your order information is transferred from the company’s database to the truck’s onboard system, so you’re assured of product and quantity accuracy.
  • Once the driver begins the fueling process, our system automatically manages the quantity and shuts off when complete.
  • We provide you with a detailed report of the delivery to keep for your records.

Commercial Industries We Serve

Howard Energy is an on-site wholesale fuel supplier to retail customers, including marina and car dealer fueling services.

Storage Tanks

Above-Ground Fuel Storage TanksThe type of storage tanks you require depends in large part on your budget and space. They are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and monitored for leaks and contamination.

Underground Storage Tanks

Utilizing underground storage is often preferable when space is at a premium, or you need to store a large amount of fuel. Underground tanks are also protected from thieves and vandals as well as weather hazards.

Above-Ground Storage Tanks

An affordable installation and rental option, above-ground tanks also offer convenience when checking for leaks and performing repairs. Local fire codes determine tank placement, so they may not be a viable option in all circumstances.

Howard Energy is a family-owned commercial gas and diesel fuel supplier serving unbranded retailers. We strictly adhere to common carrier standards.