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How to Stop Diesel Fuel Gelling in the Winter

How to Stop Diesel Fuel Gelling in the Winter

Once temperatures start to fall, this paraffin wax can thicken and turn into a cloudy mixture, known as diesel fuel gelling.

The weather is now becoming frigid on the east coast, and water isn’t the only thing freezing. In the winter weather, drivers must be aware of the possibility of fuel gelling, specifically diesel fuel. Diesel fuel gels in cold temperatures since it contains paraffin wax, which normally improves fuel lubrication and viscosity. Once temperatures start to fall, this paraffin wax can thicken and turn into a cloudy mixture. This is known as “diesel fuel gelling,” in which the issue could become so advanced that the paraffin wax could actually clog the fuel filters and solidify to the point where fuel will no longer flow, which can make the engine useless. Read on to learn how you can prevent your diesel fuel from gelling this winter!

Heated Storage

A primary way to prevent diesel fuel gelling is by controlling the temperature of the facility where the engine is stored. Once the engine is running, the fuel moves and flows and does not have the chance to solidify. Storing the vehicle or equipment in a heated garage or any climate-controlled structure is enough to get the job done properly. However, this option might not be realistic for a lot of people.


Mixing in different amounts of kerosene with diesel fuel will reduce the plug point temperature or the temperature at which paraffin wax crystals solidify and start to clog your fuel filters. The protection increases by the percentage of kerosene blended in. The benefit is also fuel-dependent, but you may expect a three to four-degree drop in plugging temperature for each 10 percent kerosene blended. For convenience, most winter fuel suppliers will offer diesel fuel already pre-mixed with kerosene.

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