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Off-Road Diesel

Off-road diesel is another other type of ultra-low-sulfur diesel, also referred to as dyed diesel, due to its red coloring. The coloring helps to prevent vehicle users from mixing up the two types and stay compliant with regulations. It also helps law enforcement to test the kind of diesel being used in particular vehicles without problems.

Where is off-road diesel used?

Off-road diesel is used in machines that are not being driven on the road. These machines include generators, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and tractors. It is illegal for the off-road diesel to be used in on-road vehicles, and using it can lead to significant fines and penalties. Since the off-road diesel is not used in vehicles being driven on the road, there are no state or federal taxes imposed, thus making it less expensive than the on-road diesel.

Where can one purchase off-road diesel?

Off-road diesel can be bought from major gas and oil distributors, like Howard Energy. These distributors are mainly present in the areas where there is a high concentration of businesses that need it. We are conveniently located in Maryland, D.C. and Northern Virginia. When you urgently need diesel, you can call us for on-call delivery and expect a short turnaround time.

Off-road diesel sulfur content is also regulated, resulting from the mandatory introduction of ultra-low sulfur diesel.

Can I use off-road diesel in personal trucks?

Off-road diesel is illegal to use for private vehicles as it is not taxed. Typically, using off-road diesel outside regulations makes one a criminal for the purposeful act of evading that tax. Despite its ability to be used in cars driven on highways and roads, it is still an illegal endeavor. Due to its red coloring, law officials can easily tell the difference between the two. Fines for using off-road diesel in a personal or company vehicle that is being used on the highway can be upwards of $10K. Leave it to Howard Energy to make sure you have the correct type of fuel for your equipment and vehicle fleet.

There is one exception to the rule: off-road diesel is allowed to be used in on-road cars in times of emergencies such as natural disasters.

Off-Road Diesel Fuel Standards

A few years before 2014, ultra-low-sulfur diesel was brought into use for off-road vehicles, trains, and boats. After this happened, the EPA set diesel fuel standards that ultra-low-sulfur fuel must be used.

Commercial Bulk Off-Road Diesel Supplier in Maryland

Howard Energy is the leading supplier of off-road diesel fuel serving customers in the DMV area. The last thing your busy work environment needs is to run out of fuel. Fortunately, keeping your business as productive as possible is our priority. As a family-owned commercial gasoline and diesel fuel provider, we excel in providing commercial and retail off-road diesel to many clients of different industries, including marinas, car dealerships, farming, gas stations, commercial fuel services, construction fuel services, etc. In an effort to provide tax incentives for agricultural and construction industries, the government allows an off-road diesel fuel designation, as well as backup generators.

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In need of ultra-low-sulfur diesel for off-road use? Howard Energy can educate and deliver off-road diesel fuel for your farming equipment, fuel dock, construction machinery, and more. Contact us for more information about off-road diesel fuel delivery in the greater Baltimore area, including D.C., Arlington, Catonsville, Middle River, and more.