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What Goes into Quality Testing for Diesel Fuel?

What Goes into Quality Testing for Diesel Fuel?

This blog will go over what goes into quality testing for diesel fuel.

Diesel fuel systems are becoming a lot more sophisticated by the day, aiming to maximize fuel economy and help meet emission regulations. So, the new reality is emphasizing the true quality and cleanliness of all diesel fuels used in engines today. Frequent diesel fuel testing during handling or storage will assure engine manufacturer compliance and will save you from expensive fuel contamination and degradation problems. Read on to learn about what goes into quality testing for diesel fuel.

Diesel Fuel Testing

Diesel fuel quality testing can unearth a lot of factors. Below are a few factors you can measure while quality testing your diesel fuel.

Cetane Rating

Considered a legitimate and fundamental measurement, the cetane value of your diesel fuel impacts its main performance – how quickly and thoroughly the fuel burns. Cetane is the chemical component found naturally in diesel that will rapidly ignite under pressure. Cetane number is the technical term for this type of measurement. Consider it similar to any gasoline octane ratings. The distinction is that a solid octane rating indicates that fuel doesn’t ignite too fast, whereas a good cetane number will indicate that fuel ignites as soon as possible.

Oxidative Stability

Keep in mind that because of environmental variables and other impurities, the cetane rating of stored fuel may decrease as time passes. As a result, occasional cetane rating testing for stored fuel is important.

Water Content

Testing fuel for water content is just as crucial since water molecules can cause fuel to break down and microbial life to grow. Excessive water content could cause equipment to fail and perform inadequately. Water in fuel makes it open to possible impurity buildup. It could also induce freezing in your fuel tanks, pipes, or filters. So, making sure you have a safe maximum water content in fuel is important.

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