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Fueling Options for Heavy-Duty Trucks: Ultra-Low-Sulfur Diesel

Fueling Options for Heavy-Duty Trucks: Ultra-Low-Sulfur Diesel

In this blog, we explore the basics and benefits of ultra-low-sulfur diesel for heavy-duty trucks.

Without heavy-duty trucks, many of our nation’s industries would come to a standstill. Ground transportation is essential for virtually everything; the food supply chain, fuel delivery, and retail all rely upon commercial trucking to move products from point A to point B. Commercial trucking companies have a few factors to consider when choosing fuel, primarily cost and efficiency. Ultra-low-sulfur diesel is a type of fuel that many trucking companies use as an affordable, efficient alternative to gasoline, natural gas, and traditional diesel fuel. In this blog, we explore the basics and benefits of ultra-low-sulfur diesel for heavy-duty trucks.

What is Ultra-Low-Sulfur Diesel?

Ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) is a specific blend of fuel that contains 97% less sulfur than low-sulfur diesel. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, ULSD contains a maximum sulfur concentration of fifteen parts per million. Low-sulfur diesel can have up to five hundred parts per million, and modern off-road diesel has a sulfur concentration of less than fifteen parts per million and is now considered ULSD. The extremely low concentration of sulfur in ULSD allows auto manufacturers to outfit their vehicles with pollution-limiting devices, many of which are sensitive to sulfur.

Ultra-Low-Sulfur Diesel Offers Efficiency and Better Air Quality at an Affordable Price

Ultra-low-sulfur diesel can be used in any truck with a diesel engine. There are no modifications required, and ULSD can drastically reduce harmful emissions. When commercial trucking companies combine ULSD and engines with cleaner diesel technology, they can do their part to reduce pollution and help improve air quality. Trucking companies can also enjoy the benefits of increased fuel efficiency — diesel engines running on ULSD can be significantly more efficient than gasoline-powered vehicles. When compared to natural gas, using ULSD for heavy-duty truck fleets is often quite affordable. Trucks that use natural gas are usually more expensive than diesel rigs, and the cost of maintenance per mile is slightly higher for natural gas engines. While natural gas infrastructure is slowly expanding, fuel delivery and on-site storage for ULSD makes refueling fleets easy.

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