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Frequently Asked Questions About Off-Road Diesel

Frequently Asked Questions About Off-Road Diesel

The answers to these FAQs can help those just getting started in the world of off-road diesel.

Off-road diesel, also called “red-dyed diesel,” is a popular fuel on construction sites and farms, but many business owners and working professionals still have questions. Using red-dyed diesel legally and in compliance with state regulations is critical; driving on public roads with this fuel in the tank can result in steep fines that far outweigh the fuel’s benefits. The answers to these FAQs can help those just getting started in the world of diesel. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of off-road diesel, ultra-low sulfur diesel, and other high-quality fuels, contact the experts at Howard Energy!

What is the Difference Between On-Road and Off-Road Diesel?

Functionally, off-road and on-road diesel are essentially the same. The key differences between the two fuels are that 1) off-road diesel is not subject to federal or state fuel excise taxes, and 2) off-road diesel is dyed a reddish-pink color. Tax-exempt status aside, these two fuel formulas are the same.

What Types of Vehicles and Equipment Can Use Off-Road Diesel?

Off-road diesel can only be used for certain types of equipment and vehicles that do not travel on public roads, city streets, and state highways. People often use this fuel for farm equipment like combines, harvesters, and tractors. Construction companies may also use red-dyed diesel for their bulldozers, graders, and excavators. Rules for dyed diesel use vary from state to state, with some local governments requiring prior authorization and a mountain of paperwork to allow consumers to purchase the fuel at all. If you are unsure which type of fuel to use, you may ask your fuel supplier.

What are the Consequences of Misusing Off-Road Diesel?

While red-dyed fuel is often significantly cheaper than the regular on-road version , the consequences for using it illegally can be dire. Law enforcement officers may use a visual inspection or UV light to detect dyed-red fuel if they suspect its use on a public road, and penalties for misusing off-road diesel can include fines of a thousand dollars or more.

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