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A Brief History of Diesel Fuel

A Brief History of Diesel Fuel

Allow us to give you a brief history of diesel fuel!

Diesel is used by plenty of industries for different purposes. But this was not the case at one point. Diesel was a by-product that was supposed to be ineffective since there were not enough technologies and inventions that could make use of this incredible fuel. We at Howard Energy are one of the best fuel supply companies on the East Coast, so if you’re looking for quality fuels, you know who to call. Allow us to give you a brief history of diesel fuel!

Diesel Fuel Basics

Just like gasoline, diesel is one of the main petroleum products. On the basis of their production, they’re very varied final products. Both gas and diesel start off as crude oil; however, the crude oil is processed by distillers to differentiate between lighter and heavier products. The lightest liquid produces gas as an end product, and the secondary heavy constituent brings out the diesel fuel. Diesel is also the least flammable and stable when compared to gasoline. To ignite the thick fuel, diesel engines utilize high temperatures and compression methods. Diesel fuel can be a bit pricey due to its efficiency and the way it is produced.

Origins and History of Diesel Fuel

Diesel fuel is refined from crude oil, which is a naturally happening liquid that plays a great role in refining different fuels as well as other products that are based on petroleum. Through a process called distillation, crude oil is transformed into different fuels and products that are petroleum-based. It’s heated up to more than 400 degrees Celsius. This process makes the liquid turn to vapor, which is entered into a distillation tower. It starts to cool down with the rise of the vapors. The vapor is then accustomed into a definite temperature where the chains of the hydrocarbon are back to their liquid form. Distillation plates get a hold of any liquid, and it appears at asphalt, then stays at the bottom. Fuel oil will appear with the cooling of vapor below 370 degrees. Last, diesel fuel appears when the vapor is outreached to around 200 or 350 degrees.

Partner with Howard Energy, Inc. for Alternative Fuel Supply and Services

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At Howard Energy, we fully understand how your business depends on a reliable and steady supply of gasoline and diesel fuel to keep your operations at its peak. As a family-owned, commercial full-service gas and diesel fuel supplier, Howard Energy has been serving companies across Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern VA for over 25 years.

Our team of experts has a thorough knowledge of the petroleum industry to devise commercial and retail fueling solutions. As a result, we use our keen insight to build strong partnerships with commercial trucking, construction, manufacturing companies, and more. Howard Energy is proud to bring our products and services to gas stations, car dealerships, marinas, and beyond – 7 days a week with no surcharge on holidays or weekends.

If you need cost-effective and convenient wholesale fuel and related fuel tank storage or monitoring services, contact us to get started. Call us at 410-647-1500, and visit our website. Stay connected with Howard Energy on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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