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What Color Is My Diesel Fuel? 

What Color Is My Diesel Fuel? 

There are many standard uses for any diesel fuel, but did you know that it comes in different colors?

Diesel is an indispensable fuel for different Maryland businesses. Vehicle fleets depend on it to stay on the road. Farms need it to run their generators and equipment. Construction companies need diesel fuel for excavation and lifting, and many distributing and manufacturing companies use it to fuel forklifts. These are just some of the standard uses for any diesel fuel, but did you know that it comes in different colors? As one of the most trusted fuel retailers on the East Coast, Howard Energy Inc. brings both clear and red diesel to your business. Read on to learn more!

What Do the Diesel Colors Mean?

The color of the diesel you buy indicates whether it’s for on-road or off-road use. On-road diesel is typically undyed, with a color that ranges from yellow to clear. The diesel that comes out of the average service station pump is usually clear. On the other hand, off-road diesel is dyed red.

What is the Difference Between On-Road and Off-Road Fuel?

There really isn’t a physical difference between the on-road or off-road diesel beyond the fact that the latter is dyed red. They’re essentially the same distillate of crude oil. Off-road diesel is a lot less expensive, but you can’t use it in a road vehicle like a bus or delivery truck. If you’re found to have off-road diesel in the tank of a road vehicle, you’ll face serious fines.

How is Diesel Fuel Any Different from Gasoline or Heating Oil?

As you might know, heating, oil, diesel, and gasoline all come from crude oil, but they’re different distillates and work in various ways. Gasoline is a lighter distillate of crude oil and is much more flammable than diesel. All that gasoline requires to combust inside an engine is a spark. It is also light enough that it evaporates in thin air. Visit Howard Energy Inc. to learn more!

Partner with Howard Energy, Inc. for Alternative Fuel Supply and Services

We’ve moved! Howard Energy is now located at 34 Thomas Ave, Brooklyn, MD 21225.

At Howard Energy, we fully understand how your business depends on a reliable and steady supply of gasoline and diesel fuel to keep your operations at its peak. As a family-owned, commercial full-service gas and diesel fuel supplier, Howard Energy has been serving companies across Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern VA for over 25 years.

Our team of experts has a thorough knowledge of the petroleum industry to devise commercial and retail fueling solutions. As a result, we use our keen insight to build strong partnerships with commercial trucking, construction, manufacturing companies, and more. Howard Energy is proud to bring our products and services to gas stations, car dealerships, marinas, and beyond – 7 days a week with no surcharge on holidays or weekends.

If you need cost-effective and convenient wholesale fuel and related fuel tank storage or monitoring services, contact us to get started. Call us at 410-647-1500, and visit our website. Stay connected with Howard Energy on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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