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Serious Fuel Fraud Red Flags to Look Out For

Serious Fuel Fraud Red Flags to Look Out For

There could be many reasons for fueling disappearing without a sight, and we’ve compiled a list of possible reasons.

Are your company’s fuel bills increasing month after month without any increase in delivery or service? That in itself is a serious red flag that you must investigate. There could be many reasons for fueling disappearing without a sight, and we’ve compiled a list of possible reasons. Read on to discover some of the top fuel fraud red flags and how you can prevent them!

An Overused Fuel Card

Even the most trusted business owners can not deny overt fuel theft by some employees. Although it can be sad when discovered, it is better to find out sooner than later. Usually, it is just a couple of bad apples taking advantage of their fuel cards by fueling a personal vehicle or two. And other times, employees share fuel cards with their friends and family. The answer is to help implement a more strict fuel management system, discover which cards show overuse, and move on from there. Monitor the fuel cards closely, and soon you will see where the leak is located!

Spikes in the Usage

Since fuel expenses are a big part of your overhead, it should be clear if there is a big increase in usage without a simple explanation. What if you do not have fuel monitoring systems? Then, it can be nearly impossible to spot serious theft. Fuel usage should be connected to your production. If you are a contractor and you’ve got a big job out of town, then, of course, you are going to have a more expensive fuel bill that month. However, if there is no change in the production or vehicle and fleet usage, but you see higher bills, you can chalk it up to theft. The easy solution is fuel tracking with custom keypad settings. It is easy to set the system up to help track:

  • Date and time
  • Vehicle
  • Employee’s ID

There are other settings you could add, too, like categories and departments.

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