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Understanding and Keeping Water Out of Your Fuel Tanks

Understanding and Keeping Water Out of Your Fuel Tanks

This blog will let you know about how to keep water out of your fuel tanks in the future.

It’s a nightmare for fuel traders to find water inside of their fuel tanks. Not only is it to be tested once a year, but it is also pricey if it goes unnoticed. It can be a challenging job, but diesel fuel providers believe in the satisfaction of the client, and water inside of tanks can be a real issue. This blog will let you know about how to keep water out of your fuel tanks in the future. Read on to learn more!

How to Test for Water in Your Tank?

Water detection paste is helpful for testing the water presence inside of tanks. Detection pastes are available in green and red colors and will change colors once it comes in contact with water. To test the water in the tank, you would apply it onto a stick and place it in the bottom of the tank. Leave it for about 30 seconds, and then take it out. The color of the paste would then be changed if there is a presence of water. The stick on which the paste is applied could let you know the depth of the water. You can change the oil filter and flush the boiler feed pipe to ensure that the water has all been removed too.

Where Does Water in Your Fuel Tank Come From?

It is said that fuel doesn’t produce any water. The free water is made from temperature differences on hot days and cool evenings. There are other problems that are responsible for the presence of water.

  • Condensation could be one of the reasons water gets into a fuel tank which is accumulated as a result of fuel temperature swings or the difference in air temperature in the vents.
  • Loose fittings could be a factor that causes the water to go inside of the tanks.
  • High output in the distribution of fuel provides less time for water to be set down of a product before it’s pumped at the refinery. This decreases the amount of quality control, leaving the water left in the product which is supplied to the tank.
  • The chemical makeup could sometimes attract water content in the surroundings.

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