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Tips from Your Fuel Supplier: Debunking 3 Fuel Efficiency Myths

Tips from Your Fuel Supplier: Debunking 3 Fuel Efficiency Myths

Working with a reliable fuel supplier is one of the best ways to improve efficiency. In this blog, we clear up some confusion around three common fuel efficiency myths.

Everyone wants to save money on gas. There’s nothing wrong with prioritizing fuel efficiency, but some drivers adopt strange (and sometimes expensive) habits to try to save a buck. While safe and efficient driving practices are definitely important, working with a reliable fuel supplier can make a massive difference in your bottom line. In this blog, we clear up some confusion around three common fuel efficiency myths.

Myth #1: Avoid Using Your Car’s A/C to Save Gas

There are a handful of myths regarding fuel economy, air conditioners, and car windows. Some people choose to use their A/C and keep the windows rolled up to decrease drag and boost aerodynamics, while others take the opposite approach and avoid using their A/C at all costs. In reality, neither strategy has a significant impact on fuel economy. While cranking the A/C can decrease your vehicle’s efficiency one mile per gallon or so, the discomfort of sitting in a hot car often isn’t worth it — and you may end up cranking your A/C even higher to correct the temperature later.

Myth #2: Get Off-Road Diesel from Your Fuel Supplier for On-Road Applications — You Totally Won’t Get Caught!

The differences between off-road diesel and on-road diesel are minor: the former is dyed red and only for off-road use, while the latter is undyed and subject to excise taxes. Some drivers think it’s worth it to take the gamble and use dyed diesel on public roads, and they either feel that they won’t get caught or that the occasional fine for misuse of off-road diesel pales in comparison to paying the excise tax on fuel. Penalties for misusing dyed diesel can be up to $1000 in Maryland. In Virginia, the minimum fine is $1000, and drivers can be charged with a Class 6 felony. To be blunt, the unauthorized use of dyed diesel is never worth the price.

Myth #3: Filling Your Tank in the Morning Gives You Extra Fuel

Some drivers are under the impression that pumping fuel in cold weather or early in the morning provides more fuel for the same price due to the lower-than-average temperature. Colder temperatures outside do not translate to more fuel. Fuel storage tanks are typically very well insulated, so you’re getting the same amount of fuel no matter what.

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