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How Long Will Diesel Last in Your Generator?

How Long Will Diesel Last in Your Generator?

The longevity of diesel fuel in generator storage is an important concern that requires immediate attention.

As the backbone of all backup power systems, diesel generators play a serious role in ensuring that uninterrupted operations work during power outages. However, the longevity of diesel fuel in generator storage is an important concern that requires immediate attention. In this blog, we’ll explore the factors that affect diesel fuel’s lifespan and provide some practical tips for optimized storage with insights from Howard Energy Inc. Read on to learn more about the different factors of diesel fuel inside of generators!

Storage Conditions

The temperature can impact your storage conditions. It is important to make sure the temperature is controlled right for diesel fuel storage. In ideal conditions, diesel fuel can last anywhere from six to 12 months, with cooler temperatures prolonging its shelf life. However, extreme heat will accelerate degradation, shortening the storage duration by a lot. Environmental factors are important, too. Factors like exposure to sunlight, humidity, and air circulation also influence diesel fuel and its longevity. Howard Energy Inc. advises storing your diesel generators in well-ventilated, shaded spaces to minimize exposure to any environmental stressors.

Diesel Fuel Quality

The quality of diesel fuel at the time of storage is important. Howard Energy recommends using high-quality, clean diesel fuel that is free from contaminants like water, sediment, and other microbial growth. Contaminated fuel could degrade more rapidly, leading to possible generator malfunctions and other downtime.

Using Your Generator

The frequency of generator operation affects the consumption rate of diesel fuel, and its storage duration as well. Howard Energy suggests monitoring fuel consumption patterns and replenishing stored fuel accordingly to help maintain optimal levels for emergency usage.


Consistent maintenance of generators is important for ensuring optimal performance and prolonging your diesel fuel’s longevity. Howard Energy advises implementing comprehensive maintenance schedules that include different quality checks, filter replacements, and system inspections to help detect and address possible issues early.

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