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Generator Fueling Tips to Reduce Fuel Consumption

Generator Fueling Tips to Reduce Fuel Consumption

Follow these generator fueling tips to boost your equipment’s fuel efficiency, safety, and longevity.

Diesel generators are useful for all kinds of commercial and residential applications, from providing power on remote construction sites to acting as backup power sources in apartments, office buildings, and hospitals. Generators are essential pieces of equipment, but owners and operators must follow a handful of fuel-saving best practices to limit diesel consumption, prolong their generators’ usable lives, and promote safety.

Generator Fueling Tip #1: Clean and Maintain Your Generator

Like any other piece of machinery, diesel generators need routine maintenance to perform their best. Service your generator as needed, paying particular attention to annual maintenance, repair, and cleaning. Generators can accumulate carbon deposits that decrease efficiency. Follow all manufacturer guidelines regarding care and upkeep.

Generator Fueling Tip #2: Use the Right Tool for the Job

Generators are often used as backup sources of power, and for good reason: they can consume significant amounts of diesel fuel, particularly when used as a primary power source. Reserving generator use for emergencies (and using other power sources for day-to-day operations when possible) can help prolong the life of your generator and limit fuel consumption.

Generator Fueling Tip #3: Consider Coolant Temperature

Most diesel generators use water (sometimes mixed with antifreeze and other additives) to stay cool. Pay attention to your generator’s coolant temperature; poorly-cooled engines can experience incomplete combustion, which wastes fuel.

Generator Fueling Tip #4: Don’t Overload Your Generator

When using a generator, make sure that its capacity is in line with your needs. Over- or underloading your generator leads to higher than necessary fuel consumption and increased wear on your equipment.

Generator Fueling Tip #5: Use the Right Type of Fuel

Finally, make sure to only use the recommended type of fuel for your generator. You should only use diesel with a diesel generator. Using gasoline (or accidentally introducing some gasoline into your diesel tank) can have severe consequences, including generator damage and incomplete combustion.

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