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Fuel Basics from Your Kerosene Supplier

Fuel Basics from Your Kerosene Supplier

In this blog, we take a closer look at what kerosene can do, as well as some of the benefits of working with a reliable kerosene supplier.

When many people think of kerosene, they imagine antique lamps and old camping stoves. However, the applications for this fuel extend far beyond portable stoves and lamps. Kerosene is a popular fuel for home heating systems, small boats, jet engines, and more — in a pinch, kerosene can even be used to fuel some cars! In this blog, we take a closer look at what kerosene can do, as well as some of the benefits of working with a reliable kerosene supplier.

What Types of Equipment Use Kerosene?

Kerosene’s history is a long and complex one, and typical applications for the fuel vary by region. In Japan and the U.K., kerosene heaters are incredibly popular. In India, cooking is mostly done on kerosene stoves. Kerosene suppliers in the U.S. serve all kinds of customers, many of whom use the fuel to power outboard motors, stoves, tractors, and heaters. During fuel shortages or emergencies, kerosene can fuel certain types of engines that would typically run on diesel. Still, it’s always best (and safest) to use whatever fuel is recommended by a machine’s manufacturer.

Storing Fuel from a Kerosene Supplier

One of kerosene’s biggest benefits is that it stores incredibly well. Unlike diesel, this fuel does not thicken in cold temperatures. To prolong the life of fuel from your kerosene supplier, use a clean, airtight container intended to store kerosene. Always keep fuel stored away from occupied buildings and potential safety hazards. When stored correctly, kerosene has a very long shelf life: up to ten years, in ideal conditions.

Benefits of Buying in Bulk from a Kerosene Supplier

Because of its long lifespan, many people choose to buy kerosene in bulk. Working with a kerosene supplier to purchase and store fuel is an excellent way to make sure that you always have the fuel you need on-hand, even in the event of a potential shortage or supply line disturbance. Buying in bulk is also economical — prices on bulk fuel are often lower, and purchasing larger quantities of kerosene in fewer orders can limit delivery costs.

Partner with Howard Energy, Inc. for Fuel Supply and Services

At Howard Energy, we fully understand how your business depends on a reliable and steady supply of gasoline and diesel fuel to keep your operations at its peak. As a family-owned, commercial full-service gas and diesel fuel supplier, Howard Energy has been serving companies across Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern VA for over 25 years.

Our team of experts has a thorough knowledge of the petroleum industry to devise commercial and retail fueling solutions. As a result, we use our keen insight to build strong partnerships with commercial trucking, construction, manufacturing companies, and more. Howard Energy is proud to bring our products and services to gas stations, car dealerships, marinas, and beyond.

If you need cost-effective and convenient wholesale fuel and related fuel tank storage or monitoring services, contact us to get started. Call us at 410-647-1500, and visit our website. Stay connected with Howard Energy on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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