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Could You Mix Both Premium and Regular Gas?

Could You Mix Both Premium and Regular Gas?

Today’s blog will tell you if mixing premium gas and regular gas is a good or bad idea.

Desperate times can call for desperate measures. Since gas prices are high, we’re all scratching our heads for a way out of it. Would you switch to regular gas if you’re currently using premium? Sometimes it is a necessity for particular cars and trucks. Read on to tell if mixing premium gas and regular gas is a good or bad idea.

When is it Possible to Mix Premium and Regular Gas?

You could if your car runs fine on both regular gasoline and premium gasoline is the shortened answer. But it is a little bit more complicated than that. If premium gas is only recommended for your vehicle, you could mix it up, but pay up for premium gas if your car NEEDS it. But how do you know whether or not premium gas is recommended or required for your vehicle to run correctly? Check the inside of your fuel door for the octane level your vehicle requires. You will also find it inside the vehicle’s user manual. Most vehicles on roads now recommend around an 87-89 octane rating. Anything above that is fine. Any fuel with octane ratings below the required recommended range will stack up an expensive service bill for your vehicle.

How to Check Your Octane Rating at a Gas Station

At gas stations, the octane levels are denoted on the fuel nozzle and or on the buttons right above it. The number is typically written in black on a yellow background.

What Will Happen if I Use Regular Gas in a Vehicle that Needs Premium Gas?

Don’t use unleaded gas in a vehicle that requires higher octane fuel. If you accidentally use a bit of regular gas or mix it with some premium gas, expect a reduction in both power and mileage. Worst case scenario is engine knocking – you will hear the sound of premature combustion in the vehicle’s cylinders. The fuel will not burn right, which isn’t suitable for the valves. In the long term, you will be harming your engine.

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